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How Debbie Caylor Tripled Her Business In Less Than One Year

DEBBIE CAYLOR IS NOW THE NUMBER TWO PRODUCING AGENT IN HER ENTIRE ASSOCIATION (IN CENTRAL MINNESOTA). BUT IT WASN’T ALWAYS THAT WAY. HERE’S THE STORY OF HOW SHE CLIMBED FROM A #48 RANKING ALL THE WAY TO NUMBER TWO: Debbie Caylor needed a miracle. After two decades in the business, her real estate career was falling apart. The real estate crash of 2007-2008 devastated her monthly income, and there was no light at the end of the tunnel. “I pretty much hit rock bottom,” she said, “I had to let my team go. I had to find a new office

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How Paul Gillespie Generates Leads With Other Agent’s Listings

For the average real estate agent, 17 deals a year is nice….but forty is better. Paul Gillespie is on track to more than double his production from last year, where he closed 17 transactions. This year, he’s on pace to hit 40, a number that surprised even him. The secret? Using videos to promote his listings. “I would have been happy growing my business to 25 transactions a year, but being able to pretty much double my business is amazing. Next year, I’m ready to double it again!” Whenever Paul lists a home, the first thing he does is film

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How Jose Medina Sells 5-10 Homes A Month With Social Media Advertising

“I’ve always been a hard worker, “ says Jose Medina, as he drives to a listing appointment in his new Audi Q3. “But until last year, that hard work never really paid off. Now I’m doing 5-10 deals a month.” And it all came from one simple change to his marketing plan. When his business plateaued around 30 transactions/year, he realized he needed to grow his business beyond himself. “Hustle was never my problem. I was willing to work 7 days a week if I had to,” says Jose. “But I was spending all of my time working in my

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